Sunday, October 28, 2007


HelioVolt’s FASST™ technology produces high-performance solar thin-film with pioneering time and materials efficiencies. 10 to 100 times faster than current processes. 100 times thinner than traditional silicon. Factor in the flexibility of custom shapes and sizes. Plus easy adaptability to multiple construction materials – glass, steel, metal, composites and some polymers. The result? Another industry revolution is born.

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

UM 3b: Sport

URBAN MOTOR CO. (UMC; : Sport, has been designed to produce enourmous fuel consumption flexibility. All UMC vehicles are built with the 3-way Charging System (3WAY), which allows a combination of battery recharging methods.

3Way; Solar, Plug-in and generator will provide greater functionality and reliability than the current global fleet of small vehicles.

Depending on timing and availability UMC vehicles are designed to provide U with the most efficient vehicles in the universe. UMC vehicles are part of a grid to vehicle recharging plan that will allow more flexibility in fuel consumption.

100 MPG Delivery PHEVan


UMC: Has developed a proposed 100 mpg PHEVan Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle; Toyota Prius.

THE PHEVan: is a modded toyota prius with added Hymotion plug in battery kit.

The greater the amount of battery capacity the more flexibility in fuel consumption is provided.

Serial Hybrid Configuration: Constant velocity motors can more efficiently recharge a battery than be involved in the torque derision cycle. Therefore much limiting the acceleration of the van

By reversing the engine/battery ratio vehicles of the future will be able to have much greater control of fuel consumption. Energy optimization will allow for infinetly greater flexibility. When asked about how many miles per gallon the vehicle consumes a time/ distance; how long over how much time. By having a base level charge a vehicle could operate in a battery only mode, thus making irrelevant the mpg figure... Miles per Tank will be derived on a user/user basis. Fleets with shorter delivery routes would in theory save the greatest amount of fuel. Future fuel consumption can then be optimized by incremental adjustments, making tomorrow's fleets cleaner, leaner and greener...

the world is filled with positive energy and technology. Enjoy the blog...

Friday, October 26, 2007

Solar-modded Prius

SOLAR ENHANCED PERFORMANCE: Can you believe that its possible? Batteries and the sun moving a car... It supposedly enhances performance by 10%...

California-based SEV has developed a prototype PV Prius fitted with a custom molded fiberglass photovoltaic module that will add solar panels to the roof of the car. And they suggest this will increase gas mileage by 17% to 29%.Maybe even more if batteries are enhanced and combined with more panels.

Fuel savings chart shows the savings of adding solar recharging, but these savings can also be achieved with grid recharging...

The world is filled with positive energy and technology. Enjoy the blog...